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Who we are.

We are one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils of the AFL-CIO and are the heart of the labor movement. We are democratically elected bodies dedicated to represent the interests of working people at the state and local level. We mobilize our members and community partners to advocate for social and economic justice and we strive daily to vanquish oppression and make our communities better for all people—regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin.

We are a voice for all workers, not just organized labor. The State Federation is active and involved in our communities, reaching out to all who need a voice. We are ever expanding our assistance to affiliates in helping to formulate and disseminating their positions. We involve affiliates in the decision-making process and always remember it is the members who ultimately steer our organization.


Full accountability and openness.

We strive to make a difference for all working families in New Mexico by stiving for safer and better working environments. As well as, working towards "One job being enough."


Unity: the Strength to Win

Additional strength at the bargaining table, more community support, and greater political clout - that's what building strong state AFL-CIO's can mean for your union.

Just as a local union brings together all the workers in one factory, shop or office . . . and just as the national AFL-CIO brings together 13 million American workers from every state and all walks of life . . . the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO can bring together all the unions in New Mexico to speak as one voice.

That can mean the strength you need to win more for your members. At the bargaining table and the State Legislature. To win support in your community and from the news media, and to provide better services to your members; from education programs to community services counseling and strike support.

The New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, offers these advantages because we are built on the foundation of solidarity and democracy. We bring together unions from every sector: basic industry, the building trades, public employment, and the retail and service sector. Every union has a voice and a vote in electing officers, setting policies, and planning programs.


Strength: When you need it most

When your union is on strike or locked in tough contract talks, you need all the help you can get. That's what the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, can provide. When the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO speaks for all the organized workers in New Mexico, they can exert powerful pressure on public or private employers during deadlock contract talks. If the deadlock leads to a strike, the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO can help your union with picket-line support, boycott building, and organizing community backing.


Joining Hands For Political Clout

Political candidates eagerly compete for the support of the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO because they know the AFL-CIO has the clout that can make the difference.

The New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO organizes voter registration drives and get-out-and-vote campaigns that mobilize labor's membership strength at the polls. Working with the national AFL-CIO, the New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO combines state-of-the-art political technology with time-tested tactics to elect labor's friends and supporters.

Our arsenal includes high-powered media campaigns, sophisticated polling, and computerized direct mail . . . as well as old-fashioned door-to-door campaigning, job-site canvassing, phone banking, and leafleting at plant gates and entrances to office buildings.